Short Stories
All these short stories were published in the Origins Game Fair Anthologies - you may find some
copies at your favorite ebook retailers!

Holding On - A Zombie post-apoc story first published in the Monsters! Anthology in 2014. I wanted to do a zombie story but
something a bit different than the usual. What do you do during the apocalypse if you're a ghost?

Final Flight - A space short first published in the Space Anthology in 2015. Sci-fi romance has always been a great love of
mine, which is why I wrote about the Bonnie Belle in the Tales From The Edge series.

The Love Claws - The theme for 2016 was Robots and I had one already in hand. I happen to be a clockwork dragon in
Second Life, and it was easy to come up with a possible origin story for my wee widdle dragon. With a touch of romance, of
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