Former soldier Erik
Harrison is a dead man
walking. He questions his
the vision he saw as he
was dying –– a battle angel
come to collect his friends'

Valkyrie Brenna Lund
doesn't know why she
failed to reap Erik's soul. If
she wants to return home,
she has to kill him. But
when the time comes... she

There are consequences
for betraying the gods. But
the closer Brenna and Erik
become, the more they
both want to risk everything
for a future together.
Liam Wolfson, professional
assassin, is dead. Jack
Hammerson, lives in a
small town, happy and
helpful. Until one night
when a woman falls into his
arms, calling out his old

Kara remembers nothing
about her previous life, but
she knows her fate is
entwined with Liam's.

When mercenaries arrive
looking for Liam, he’ll need
Kara to remember what
she's capable of if either of
them is going to survive...
Special Agent Trace Dyson
races around the world,
retrieving priceless
artifacts. When he sees a
beautiful woman steal a
bracelet, he’s intrigued.

Laila Nyland is a Valkyrie
on the edge––worn out,
her final mission is to find a
mystical spear. Forced into
a partnership with Trace,
she's attracted to the
hardcore treasure hunter.
The more she learns about
him––the harder it is to lie
to him about her mission.

They will be responsible
for saving the world––that
is if they can trust each
Baby, it's cold outside…

Cassie Nyre is looking forward to a quiet and
lonely Christmas--until she finds an injured animal
on the way home. Her big heart has her bring the
hurt otter into her home and into her bathtub, to
rest until Christmas Day when she can deliver it
to Animal Control. But the next morning she finds
a semi-naked man in her bathroom--and it's not
Santa Claus!…

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Read Your Writes Book Review says:

"I loved the characters of Cassie and Alec. I
loved reading about how their relationship
blossomed and grew. I loved the little surprise
Sheryl added to the story. I will never look at
otters the same again."
For fans of Maya Banks’ KGI series,
prepare to meet the men of the Delta
Force Brotherhood, a sexy new
contemporary series where kicking ass
and living hard is just how they roll.

Dylan runs a nightclub in Las Vegas, a
cover for the Delta Force Brotherhood-
men who deliver justice when the
system can't or won't. If you can find
them, you can ask for their help.

And maybe fall in love along the way...
Kate Dubois is a Domme-
for-hire for Hooded
Pleasures, a service
offering private BDSM
sessions to those who
can’t—or won’t—risk
appearing in an actual club.

Alex Hanson dominates
the world of computer
game programming, but
secretly he suspects he
might be a sub in the
bedroom. There’s only one
good way to find out—hire
a professional to show him
the ropes.

But Kate might like her
new client just a bit too
Veronica Locksley is a
Domme without a club.
Suspended for not being
gentle with her
submissives, she’s offered
a chance to regain her

Oliver Greenwood is a
sexy, widowed Dom. All
that stands between him
and his return to the
dating scene is one
last assignment.

Veronica turns out to be
more than a handful. But
even as he finds her true
nature, he knows he has
to let her go... no matter
how much he loves her.
Jennifer's favorite client is
Nathan, a sexy, tough—
yet kind—beat cop with a
desire to be dominated on
his days off.

Nathan doesn’t know
anything about “Danielle”,
not even her real name.
But when she reluctantly
asks for his help, he’s
determined to move
heaven and earth for her
safety. Because he’s a
cop, a man, and her
submissive—in that order.

No matter what the cost
might be...
A woman, torn between her two loves at
college graduation—the tattooed bad boy and
the star athlete—makes her choice. Five years
later, when she and the now rival tech
billionaires attend the same charity gala, old
jealousies and passions return for a night they'll
never forget… and life-altering decisions!

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When a severed rabbit's paw is delivered to her
office, outcast cat shifter Rebecca Desjardin
recognizes the summons home. One of their
own has been  assaulted and now lies in a
coma—and her Pride needs Rebecca, now a
private investigator, to track down the assailant.

Brandon Hanover wants to find out who slipped
the photo of the cat-woman under his door,
marking him as a suspect. Determined to keep
an eye on the sexy journalist, Rebecca agrees
to partner with him to find the attacker. But as
their mutual attraction heats up, Rebecca finds
it harder and harder to keep Brandon from
discovering the existence of the shifter society.

But when the truth leads them back to the
Pride, Rebecca must attempt the impossible -
or watch Bran die.
She said no to a Prince - can she say no
to a King?

Kathleen is shocked to see her old
boyfriend, Teddy Dubrienne, leading the
news feed – catapulted onto the world
stage when his entire family perishes.
Teddy isn't just any man—he's the third in
line to the Ansulenian Throne. Now he's
about to become King.

Theo never planned to ascend to the
throne, and not only has to deal with the
devastating loss but also his mother's last
request—to have Kathleen present at the
funeral. In the depths of his sorrow, having
Kat around would be the best medicine for
his shattered heart and soul… but others
are watching. Now Theo has to decide
what's best for his kingdom, not
necessarily for himself.

Kat doesn't see herself as worthy, not five
years ago to be a Princess and definitely
not now to be Queen. Except it may be
just this reluctance that's needed to help a
kingdom heal …