Special Agent Trace Dyson races around the world, retrieving priceless
artifacts from criminals. But his one dream is to recover a spear, stolen from
The Valkyrie's Tomb. It's his family's White Whale, his father and
grandfather's unfulfilled mission––and when he sees a beautiful and
mysterious woman steal a bracelet from the tomb’s exhibit, he’s intrigued.
Before he takes her to jail, he has a few questions.

Laila Nyland is a Valkyrie on the edge––worn out from her duties, her final
mission is to come to Midgard and find a mystical spear lost centuries ago.
Forced into a partnership with Trace, she can't help but be attracted to the
hardcore treasure hunter even if he drives her up a wall. The more she learns
about him––the harder it is to lie to him about her mission.

Before their secrets rip them apart, these two will be responsible for saving
the world––that is if they can trust each other longer than two minutes.

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