Poetry has always been hard to explain to people who "don't get it" - it's hard to convey how a haiku might move you to tears or how
Shakespeare's sonnets can stir the heart and soul even though it's written in an archaic form of English.

Here are some of my poems - haiku, scifaiku, triolets and other styles of poetry. You might see a science-fiction theme among them due to my
love of all things sci-fi - I grew up watching Star Trek on my mother's knee and saw Star Wars the first weekend it was released. If they bring a
smile to your face I've accomplished my mission. If not, well... I beg your apology.
Image: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

Rubber Band Man
Originally published in The Fib Review, 2009.

Perfect Fit
Originally published in Niteblade Magazine in
March 2009.

Originally published in Niteblade Magazine in
March 2009.

History Lesson
Originally published in Scifaikuest Magazine in
May 2009.

Scarlet explosions
rains down on the town below
No Shoes, No Shirts, No Service

zombie shopping mall
"SALE! HALF OFF!" the sign proclaims
she looks with one eye
she is always on the hunt
for a good bargain, of course.
The Sidewalk Artist

He draws tentacles
Instead of the hands and feet.
handsome self-portrait.
Rubber Band Man

arms swinging outward
suddenly,  Gordian knot!
Daily Catch

Tentacles tapping,
tapping on the car's windshield
sushi's revenge.

Last Day

we ran out
to see the world end
but we got a rerun instead

Winged city floats
over abandoned cars
no one hears alarms.
Perfect Fit

The tab on my arm
tells me that we're a good match
compatible blood
excellent genes on both sides
we'll have genius offspring.
It Must Be True Love.

Time is not on my side

Your hair turns to grey
I watch the screen hopelessly
My watch runs too slow.
We settle down…

We settle down in
our Hibernation Station
he begins to snore.

the inside
of my helmet
I dream of dry land.
Just Breathe

The light blinks; goes to red
I tap the gauge – once, twice
scarlet drops float over my head
The light blinks; goes to red
station's so close, just ahead
took the gamble – rolled the dice
The light blinks; goes to red
I tap the gauge – once, twice.

We screamed
all the way down
gasping for air
crying prayers.

The Manual said that we would bounce,
before coming to a slow stop.
A perfect landing.

The first explosion
blew out our eardrums.
The second explosion
shattered the steel sides.

I saw Lynn fly out the opening.
She wanted to be
the first woman on Mars.
She was.

By the time we stopped bouncing
before coming to a slow stop
there was nothing left of us.

I looked down at the puddle
oozing out of my suit.
Corpuscles, cells, plasma, serum.
Soaking into the red sand.

The jagged bones in the wreckage
spitting curses that fell silent.
Cartilage, collagen, tendons, marrow.
Shredding in the blowing sand.

We came to see
if there was
life on Mars.
There is now.
Land Ho!

first steps in red soil
atop the shallow crater
inukshuk looks back.

Interpreter fails
babble, babble, Babel falls
antennas retract.
Final Sin

sighs in the darkness
airlock door swings back and forth
mission accomplished.
History Lesson

painted faces glare
stabbing at empty spacesuits
our descendants scream.