Odin's Bastards
Her Alpha Viking - Book One
Some loves are bigger than this world…

Former soldier Erik Harrison is a dead man walking. The sole survivor of
an ambush, the guilt of losing his friends is crushing. He questions his
own sanity, remembering the vision he saw as he was dying –– a battle
angel come to collect his friends' souls.

Valkyrie Brenna Lund doesn't know why she failed in her duty to reap
Erik's soul on the battlefield. He deserves his place with the other mighty
warriors in Valhalla, and if she wants to return home, she has to kill him.

There are consequences for betraying the gods. But the closer Brenna
and Erik become, the more they both want to risk everything for a future
together. If only an immortal hunter weren’t sent to kill them both.
Warrior Nights - Book Two
Liam Wolfson, the professional assassin, is dead. His new persona, Jack
Hammerson, lives in a small town in Colorado, happy helping out as
many of the townsfolk as he can. It’s his way of working toward some
kind of redemption for his sins. Until one night when an amnesiac woman
falls into his arms, calling out his old name...

Kara remembers nothing about her previous life, only brief glimpses of
an old lover and their time together... but she knows her fate is entwined
with Liam's. Then there’s the familiarity with all things Valkyrie and
Valhalla. She worries she might be going crazy.

Liam has worked hard to hide all traces of his old life, but Kara rips old
wounds open as their old feelings for each other come rushing back. But
it's not just Kara who's come to town looking for answers. When
mercenaries arrive looking for Liam, he’ll need Kara to remember what
she’s capable of if either of them is going to survive...
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Warrior in Love - Book Three
Special Agent Trace Dyson races around the world, retrieving
priceless artifacts from criminals. But his one dream is to recover a
spear, stolen from The Valkyrie's Tomb. It's his family's White Whale,
his father and grandfather's unfulfilled mission––and when he sees a
beautiful and mysterious woman steal a bracelet from the tomb’s
exhibit, he’s intrigued. Before he takes her to jail, he has a few

Laila Nyland is a Valkyrie on the edge––worn out from her duties, her
final mission is to come to Midgard and find a mystical spear lost
centuries ago. Forced into a partnership with Trace, she can't help
but be attracted to the hardcore treasure hunter even if he drives her
up a wall. The more she learns about him––the harder it is to lie to
him about her mission.

Before their secrets rip them apart, these two will be responsible for
saving the world––that is if they can trust each other longer than two

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