Hard Pursuit - Excerpt
By the third meeting he was ready to kill someone. He stood near Ally like a faithful
hound, muttering platitudes while the politicians rambled on about their great plans for
Las Vegas. Ally deftly dodged queries about Vincent and inserted her own coy comments
about how good Sheldon Construction could be for all involved. They'd worked their way
up from the Mayor's office and now had gone to the State level.

"How do you deal with all this bull?" he whispered to Ally as they ate the rubber chicken
and overcooked vegetables, a working lunch with a pair of Congressmen and their
assistants. "Talking to all these men and knowing some of them are imagining you naked
and on your knees."

She stared at him, her eyes narrowed.

"Don't blame the messenger. I'm a man." He pointed at his chest with the dull knife
provided to hack up the rubber chicken with. "I see the looks they give you. I know what
they're thinking."

"Nothing I can't deal with. I smile a lot." She demonstrated, making his heart skip a beat.
"I wonder how they would appear buck naked and on their knees."

He flinched and put his fork down. "Oh, man. Now I need to bleach my brain." He fought
to keep from glancing over at the beaming politician, busy nattering to one of the local

"Exactly." Ally grinned at him. "Don't tell me you don't stare at the ladies like that at

"Never," he answered, maybe a bit too fast.

"Never?" she repeated. "I find that hard to believe." Ally smiled, a mischievous smirk that
had his blood racing south. "Oh, don't worry. I do it about you too when you're not

She picked up the glass of sparking water and took a sip before turning to the man sitting
next to her and striking up a conversation, seemingly oblivious to the chaos she'd sown in
Trey's mind.