Hard Play - Excerpt
He got to his feet and stretched out, feeling a familiar hum through his muscles in
anticipation of getting to business.

It took a second to find a fresh T-shirt in the duffel bag, his other one damp from Jessie’s

Dylan pulled it on, trying not to think too much about how she felt in her arms. He didn’t
want the distraction. He didn’t need the distraction.

But, Lord…she’d felt so good and right.

He walked to the rear of the mobile home and tugged back the curtain serving as a door for
the bedroom.

Jessie lay there on the single mattress, sound asleep. One hand was tucked under her cheek,
her face slightly obscured by her long, blond curls. Her other hand was tucked between her
legs, her knees pulled up almost to her chest. There was a softness in her features, the
hardcore professional mask slipping away and letting the woman show through.

Warmth spread through his chest. It was hard to suppress the urge to drop onto the bed and
pull her into his arms, to kiss the top of her head before moving on to kiss other parts of her

Strong. Smart. Sexy.

He couldn’t fault her reasoning, no matter how much he wanted to. She’d seen an injustice
inflicted on her family and tried to work within the system to right the wrong. But when she
couldn’t, she’d pursued her own path.

Much like he and his men did.

Dylan pushed the thought away. There’d be time later to ruminate on Jessie Lyon and what
part she could have in his life. Right now they needed to get up to Mount Charleston, to the
cabin the Brotherhood kept for retreats.

He went to the front of the trailer, away from temptation.

A pair of headlights illuminated the small road sign at the end of the lane for a few seconds
before going black.

Dylan reached out and flicked the light switch, plunging them into darkness. He peered out
the window as the car turned down the road, the engine going silent.

Could be somebody with a wonky car, the engine cutting out and the driver hoping for
enough momentum to coast all the way home.

Could be something else.

The driver’s window came down as the car came level with the darkened trailer and
something flew out.

It wasn’t a flurry of bullets.

It was much, much worse.